We believe the only thing our super trimarans should leave behind is a pristine marine environment, as well as wonderful memories of all those who sail in our yachts. Therefore everything we do displays a healthy respect, yet passion for the sea – from durable design, best quality materials for environmentally ethical sailing.

We are creating and use revolutionary technology that will enable our trimarans to sail the globe with the use of low carbon fuels, which means all you’ll leave in your wake is an undamaged marine environment.

We deliver traditionally timeless styling encased within the very latest technology.

Our Super Trimarans are elegant and innovative, graceful and serene, spacious and majestic in equal measure. We’re all about quality - quality design and quality build for an unsurpassed, elite sailing experience that more than realises our customers’ dreams. We know that luxury and sophistication is more than just style - it’s about attention to detail, individuality and having truly passionate designers and craftsmanship throughout the build process.